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Aspureas Ltd have a diverse range of security services to meet our customers requirements and have a broad geographic footprint to meet demand for security around Northwest, Uk.
"Our Company Operations are Purely Based on British Standards BS7858 for Personal Vetting And follow the BS 7499 for Providing Security Officers and mobile Patrol Services."


Aspureas Ltd Door Supervisors deploy fully trained, vetted and uniformed to all venues. All Door Supervisors come from many diverse backgrounds with a great variety of ambitions and experiences. They are all trained to the highest standard, which is governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). All follow strict guidelines and run in line with BS7690 standard, Door Supervisor’s code of conduct and BS7858 security screening. We check 5 years of workable history before we deploy them to your venues along with valid Liscence.


Aspureas Ltd are able to provide professional, reliable and presentable Security Guards for all Manned Guarding requirements. All of our Security Guards are fully SIA licensed, CRB checked and insured. We vet all of our Security Guards to BS 7858 2012 Vetting and Screening standard to ensure we employ only the most reliable and trustworthy individuals. All of our Security Guards receive extensive training to ensure they meet the high level of standard we expect from them.


Aspureas Ltd specialize in providing crowd management and security services to independent festivals and events throughout the UK. Aspureas Ltd has a proven track record of supplying effective SIA security personnel and crowd safety stewards for a variety of situations from large scale, high profile events to smaller community based projects.
We are looking after to work with independent as well as multinational organisation in Northwest/UK.


On your behalf, our highly visible mobile patrols act as an effective deterrent and incident management system. We can make random visits to your premises day and night to ensure your wellbeing and the safety of your built environment.
If your alarm is triggered, be it a false call or not, Aspureas’s key holding service is your first line of defence. Our trained SIA licensed staff will respond day or night and deal with either resetting your alarm or with any potentially dangerous situation that may be occurring.


We provide a tailored service to meet your requirements from covert store detectives to a highly visible uniformed presence. Our static guards are deployed 24hrs a day on a variety of projects including construction sites, retail parks, factory complexes and gate houses.


Aspureas Ltd Bodyguard staff includes highly skilled personnel, experienced in the realm of personal protection both domestically and internationally. We can provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned bodyguard protection scheme for implementation during your local or international travel.


Aspureas Ltd can supply security dogs and handlers at short notice or on a contract basis. Our dogs cover all types of security assignments. A well-trained security dog team can be the ultimate deterrent and cost effective.
Assignments that dog teams are often used on and most effective for include:

  • Industrial units
  • Building sites
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Special events (film premiers, festivals, TV outside broadcasts)
  • Close protection team support unit
  • Celebrity protection support unit
  • Mobile patrols


In the fields of physical security and information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.


For your business to run smoothly from day-to-day there is nothing more vital than reliable security. At Aspureas Ltd we are delighted to offer you our cost-effective key holding and alarm response solution to relieve the pressure of organising key holders within your business. With this efficient service you can rest assured that our SIA licensed guards will provide a reliable solution, rapidly responding to any alarm call to ensure the absolute safety of your premises and immediately alerting the police if there are any signs of criminal activity.


Our CCTV operators are trained to spot crimes e.g theft, burglary and assault. The CCTV installation and CCTV monitoring security service we provide keeps a live log of each incident that occurs and report them to associated authorities.


Our CCTV operators are trained to spot crimes e.g theft, burglary and assault. The CCTV installation and CCTV monitoring security service we provide keeps a live log of each incident that occurs and report them to associated authorities.
As part of our continued commitment to offering the very best CCTV Security Services, ensures that people, businesses and properties remain safe at all times.
We ensure that we only employ competent operators, who can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. All of our CCTV operators take part in extensive training before undertaking any project.


Construction sites have a constant need to deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism or wilful damage.Preventive measures taken to secure equipment and property can improve production and decrease financial loss.
Aspureas Ltd offer construction site security to businesses that can combat all of these problems and more. Our customized plans revolve around your needs and effectively deter all potential criminals from interfering with your time-sensitive work. Attentive guards ensure that no unauthorized visitors make it onto your site, meaning nothing will come between you and your deadlines.

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